Our Managing Director’s Interview on Triple H 100.1 Community Radio
May 25, 2018
Welcome Tour Group from East China Normal University
May 25, 2018

June 14, 2016 – HSN™ brings the team together for a team building session to improve team performance and customer service.

One of the most important functions of any business is to ensure team members know, understand and trust each other. One of the ways this is typically done is through team building sessions. June 14, 2016 was just one such day for the HSN™ team. Tina, our director, brought everyone together to meet our new team members and to get to know each other.

The morning was spent:

  • introducing new policies, processes and tools to the team.
  • setting out the HSN™ strategy for the coming year.
  • sharing feedback from host, students and tour groups.
  • demonstrating new features coming to the website.
  • discussing features and requirements for our HSN Management System (HSNMS™).

We finished off the morning with a relaxing team lunch at “il fourno” in North Ryde …


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