Homestay Network, the original and most respected homestay accommodation facilitator for national and international students seeking accommodation in Australia for their education needs, offers the following Price Guide to help you budget for your stay, these prices are our National Standard Rates. Rates may vary based on the city you require homestay.

Please ensure you use this pricing to calculate your homestay fees if you have any concerns call our office +61 2 9412 3100

Homestay Price Guide – National

Effective as at 1 January 2020 – Prices include GST (where applicable) and are subject to change without notice
Description Fees
Placement Fees
Placement/Application fee standard $320
Application received less than 14 days and greater than five (5) days before guest arrival $350
Application received less than five (5) days before guest arrival $380
Standard Accommodation Fees & and Charges
Single room – (per week) $310
Single room with weekend lunches – (per week) $320
Single room with weekday & weekend lunches – (per week) $350
Single room – within 20 mins travel to CBD $365
Twin share – (guests must apply together & state each other’s names in comments field) $280
UNSW fees and charges (Under 18 only)
Single room – with weekend lunches included $330
Premium individual rates
Placement fee (inclusive of GST) $375
Single room – inclusive of breakfast and evening meal seven (7) days. Priced from $400
Single room – inclusive of all meals seven (7) days. Priced from $420
Under 18 Carer Fees
Under 18 Carer processing fee – (per person) $220
Under 18 Carer  hosting fee- (per week) $  60
Under18 Carer Inspection – Parent Nominated $370
Under18 Carer Inspection – Parent Nominated Current Host $310
Other Fees & and Charges
**Airport transfer (one-way only) $165
** ^Airport transfer (one-way only) outer Sydney Suburbs $220
** Airport transfer – 2 people (one-way only) – optional $185
** ^Airport transfer >- 2 people(one-way only) outer Sydney Suburbs – optional $250
International funds transfer fee $22
Credit Card surcharge 3.0%
Homestay Second Offer/Host Change – existing student $240
** Airport transfers are optional and are from the Airport to the host’s home for the booked student only

^ Outer Suburbs are more than 30Km from the Airport

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