Cancellation Policy for Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Network (HSN) understands that sometimes circumstances change and you may be unable to meet your travel or study obligations, especially when travelling to other countries.

You may need to cancel your travel and study plans.

If You need to cancel Your homestay accommodation with Us at anytime, the following conditions will apply to refunds offered by Homestay Network:

  • No Refund of placement/application fee will be made after work has begun on your request;
  • Homestay Network must be advised in writing (email is ok) of any changes to the requirements you may have at the time an application is lodged;
  • Additional Fees may be charged for any subsequent change in requirement after an application is lodged;
  • Full Refunds of Accomodation Fees less any surcharges will be given if a booking is cancelled seven (7) or more days before your arrival;
  • Partial Refunds will be given if your booking is cancelled within seven (7) days of your arrival. If you cancel within seven (7) days of your arrival, you will be charged two (2) weeks Accommodation Fee (less any surcharge(s), if applicable;
  • Forfieture of All Fees If you do not not arrive as scheduled and without notice you are not eligible for a refund of fees paid;
  • Guests who book Standard Homestay, Arrive at their Host’s home and stay less than four (4) weeks will not receive a refund;

Special Circumstances

We appreciate that there are sometimes special circumstances where a guest has to cancel for events beyond their control, guests and/or their agents are to immediately contact our office to discuss the circumstances with our staff.

A refund of Accommodation Fees will be granted for guests who fail to recieve a visa issued, contact the Placements team for more information.