Public Transport is often the best way to move around Australia’s capital cities, each city has an extensive public transport network. We recommend, where possible, students/guests use the public transport system to move between their host’s home and their educational institution.

New South Wales – Sydney

NSW Public Transport has a vast network of bus, ferry, train and light rail to move students to and from educational institutions and their hosts.

NSW uses the Opal Card system for travelling on the bus, train and ferry including the city light rail. This link will help you determine the correct ticket for your transport needs during your stay in Sydney. Please be careful to buy the correct Opal Card type.


Opal Card Information …

Note: Fares are changed annually on the 2nd of January each year.

To find out more about Opal including benefits, fare details and how to use your Opal card visit one of the 10 multicultural support pages.


Opal Multicultural Support …

Routes, timetables, ticketing and other useful information for international students can be found via NSW Transport Information.


Transport Information, Sydney …

Victoria – Melbourne

Public Transport Authority, Victoria is responsible for an extensive network of public and privately operated tram, bus and rail networks across Victoria. The public trasport system in Melbourne uses the myki system to pay for travel on the public transportport network.

PTA, Victoria …

Queensland – Brisbane

Public Transport in Brisbane is operated through a combination of Local Government, State Government and private operators. The public transport system in Brisbane uses the “gocard” system to pay for travel on the Brisbane public transport network.

Translink, Brisbane …

Australian Capital Territory – Canberra

Public Transport in Canberra is operated by ACTION, part of the ACT Department of Transport. The public transport system in Canberra uses the “MyWay” system to pay for travel on the ACTION transport network.

MyWay, Canberra …

Western Australia, Perth

Public Transport in Perth is managed by TransPerth, part of the Western Australian Department of Transport. The public transport system in Perth uses the “SmartRider” system to pay for travel on the TransPerth network.

SmartRider, Perth …


Ask your host family to help you arrange your reusable SmartCard ticket. Always let your host family know when you are leaving your education institution so they know when to expect you home.