All the information your require to host for HSN – Homestay Network are contained in our Host Handbook, which will be provided to you when you attend Host Training and when you host your first student for us.

It is important you understand your role and responsibilities as a member of the Homestay Network. If you have questions, contact our staff.


All our hosts need to read and agree to the Homestay Standards before coming on board. These Standards clearly state what hosts are obliged to offer international students when agreeing to host. There are room requirements and obligations for the host family including insurances. Similarly, all hosts over the age of 18 residing at the residence must attain and retain a valid Working With Children Check in order to be eligible to host.

Provider of Residential Services

HSN – Homestay Network is a provider of residential services to children and young people.  This places a mandatory reporting obligation on HSN – Homestay Network in relation to Children (guests we place with our hosts who are under 16) and a reporting requirement for Young People (guests we place with our hosts who are aged between 16 and 18).  HSN – Homestay Network takes seriously any report of inappropriate behaviour against Children and Young People we place in your care.

This may mean:

  • a guest could be removed from a host with little or no notice
  • forfeiture of any and all amounts paid in advance for accommodation (up to one month)
  • a report being lodged with the appropriate authorities.
  • For more information, please call our staff for a confidential discussion.

Every host is required to sign up to the Homestay Standards before a student will be offered to the host family to ensure compliance to current legislation.

Set off

Homestay Network may deduct and set off from any monies due and payable to a Host from Homestay Network, any money due from a Host to Homestay Network, or paid by Homestay Network on a Host’s behalf, including any costs, losses or expenses incurred by Homestay Network as a result of termination of a Homestay. This right of set off is without prejudice to or in limitation of any other remedies of Homestay Network.