To host for HSN – Homestay Network, your accommodation on offer must meet the minimum standard, set by the Australian Education industry for homestay accommodation. HSN – Homestay Network requires homestay accommodation meet the following requirements:

  • A safe, secure private bedroom for the student’s/guest’s sole use with suitable storage space for clothes, personal effects and study materials, this includes a wardrobe, bookshelf, extra blanket and pillow, study desk and lamp;
  • Your home must be clean and have furniture suitable for a family and students;
  • The student/guest has full access to a shared or private bathroom, with reasonable time allowed for showers;
  • The student/guest has access to the kitchen, living areas, laundry facilities and other shared areas of your home
  • Meals, breakfast and evening meal, are to be provided seven (7) days per week;
  • Public liability insurance with coverage extended to cover “paying guests” or specialised Host Liability insurance, please see our page highlighting this coverage;
  • Light lunches are to be provided on weekends where requested;
  • Fruit, light snacks and noodles should be made available for the guests to snack on;
  • Laundry – that is the student can expect to either have access to the washing machine to wash their clothes. Girls typically like to wash their clothes (this varies with culture), while depending on culture boys would look to have their clothes washed with the family washing;
  • Inbound telephone calls – it is advisable that you let the student know that calls must be received by 10:00 PM Sydney time (not reverse charge).
  • Students are to receive any keys, alarms or passwords required to have free access to your home.

The following items are not included in the basic homestay fee:

  • Internet access, this is an additional $1 per day which can be paid directly to the host if the host agrees for the student to access their internet;
  • Outbound telephone calls, local calls can be made at your discretion – we advise students to purchase telephone calling cards to make mobile, interstate and overseas phone calls.
  • Internet usage can give rise to issues with the hosting arrangement; Homestay Network strongly recommends students purchase a prepaid solution as they are inexpensive starting at $35 per month for 3Gb. Contact our staff for more information.

Additional requirements and responsibilities are set out in the HSN – Homestay Network  Host Handbook.

Premium Homestay

Many students and hosts ask us what the difference between standard homestay accommodation and premium homestay is.

To be considered Premium Homestay, all the standard homestay must be available as well as:

    • A superior quality home with finer finishes and a more spacious home located in an excellent suburb of Sydney;
    • A good sized student bedroom with a double or queen bed;
    • The student with either have an en suite or a private bathroom;
    • A host home that is within 40 minutes transport to the student’s> school / University;
    • The quality of the food is fresh and contemporary;
    • The hosts are usually working in well-regarded professions or their own business;
    • The weekly fee includes three meals per day.


As with all things related to being part of Homestay Network, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful staff.