HSN - Homestay Network offers a diverse range of host families for students to stay with. You could be offered a large, small or single family of many cultural backgrounds.  We do our best to match your needs with the families we have available within a 45 minute travel time to the educational institution.

We don't like our students to travel too far or for too long to get to University or their destination as it just makes their day longer and they are at risk of getting lost on their journey.

Your family may have pets, it is very common in Australia for families to have cats and/or dogs as pets. In all cases these pets are friendly, otherwise we wouldn't have the families hosting our students for us. If you are a little scared of dogs - just state this on your application form as this allows us to place you with a family who have a small dog and may give you more choice of host families closer to your school.

Australia is a culturally diverse nation and we embrace the many cultures that these different nations have introduced into our beautiful country. You will be offered a family that speaks English and has resided in Australia for many years, however please remember that everyone comes from somewhere, Sydney is home to people from over 140 countries around the world. This means that we have families of English, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, American, French backgrounds just to name a few.You are welcome to state on your application if you do not wish to have homestay with a particular nationality.

You may find that regardless of your host family's cultural background, they will prepare meals as diverse as a stir-fry to a traditional Sunday roast or even baking their own bread.If you have special dietary needs or prefer specific foods, let us know in your application and please tell your host family as well as this will help with your integration into your family for the duration of your stay.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us either by email, telephone or send an enquiry from our contact page.
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    *please note that the Breakfast and Dinner is included 7 days per week
    Sim cards options will be emailed to you separately so you can choose a budget and data limit to suit you, your new phone number will be emailed to you in advance of arrival.
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