Our Director

Tina Holland – Managing Director

Tina Holland is the Managing Director of Homestay Network Pty Limited. Tina has owned the business since 2012 and managed the business on behalf of the original owner for 5 years before this time. Tina is highly regarded in the industry especially by Educational Institutions and Inbound Tour Operators and known for her personal attention to students.

Prior to working within the Homestay arena, Tina had worked for over 15 years as a Management Consultant and specialist Program Office Implementor. In these roles Tina worked for a number of Australia’s leading Financial Services organistions and major corporations.

As Managinging Director, Tina exercises control of all aspects of HSN – Homestay Network’s business operations. Tina monitors the delivery of services to Students, Hosts and Clients.  Tina is responsible for the growth and promotion of HSN both within Australia and internationally. Tina has a small team of dedicated, professional and caring staff at HSN who are empowered to make  decisions related to Hosts and Students during office hours. The team speak several languages including mandarin and cantonese which greatly assists our students calling the office directly. This is also helpful if students are experiencing any difficulties and require assistance from our staff.

The Placements team at Homestay Network aim to establish an open line of communication with the students parents in their home country.

Tina ensures our hosts who are caring for guardianship students are trained and understand their responsibilities to the student, Homestay Network and the student’s parents. This training is integral for the care of the under 18’s attending various schools across Australia. The students safety and the care they receive from hosts is paramount.

Tina is actively engaged to ensure the success of every study tour Homestay Network delivers. The Study Tours Manager is highly experienced and dedicated to the success of these tours across greater Sydney.

During Tina’s time at HSN she has developed a number of new initiatives for guardianship students. Please contact Tina directly to discuss these by calling our office directly or send and email to info@homestaynetwork.com.au.



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