HSN – Homestay Network specialises in the care of Under 18’s. Student aged under 18 years of age on arrival will require a host who can offer a “carer” role in lieu of their parents whilst studying in Australia. We have a large number of hosts who can provide this service across our network.

We know from information gathered from our students that becoming familiar with the local area and finding their way to school or University can be stressful in a new country – this is where our experienced and capable hosts make the difference.  HSN – Homestay Network uses a higher degree of care by placing under 18 students with our most experienced hosts. We ensure that these hosts are as close as possible to the University to reduce your travel time and the risk of students getting lost.

Under 18 Students are offered homestay hosts that are within 30 minutes travel time to their place of study on one mode of transport only. Students under 18 should not be catching buses and trains and running to make connections. Usually classes start at 8.30 am and we try to facilitate the student getting to class on time and stress free so that they can concentrate on their studies.

We deliver ongoing support for students that can only be found at HSN – Homestay Network. HSN – Homestay Network has a unique approach to caring for students under 18 , contact our staff for more information.