HSN – Homestay Network has been coordinating study tours from across the globe for over 25 years. Students stay for as little as 2 nights up to 4 weeks or more. Typically student study tour groups are visiting Australia to combine their study needs with a homestay experience. Study or coursework is often at an independent school, college or specialist vocational training. We take group bookings for key Universities and language centres. We also provide our services to private travel tour agencies wanting to provide a homestay experience as part of the overall guest experience.

HSN – Homestay Network carefully reviews each guests criteria before allocating a suitably matched family to ensure tour group members have the best and most memorable stay. As a general guide we place group members within 30 – 45 minutes of their place of study.

Many tour group members build strong relationships with our host families that remain beyond their stay in Australia.

Though many of our tour groups are from across Asia including; Japan, Greater China, Vietnam and Indonesia: each group will be treated like family members by our hosting families. The tour group could be as few as 10 or as many as 600 or more. We are the only homestay provider in Australia that can deliver you and your tour group members an amazing and memorable truly Australian experience regardless of size. Those wishing to enquire or book a study tour should contact the Groups Manager, Nicky Shevchuk.

Contact us via email for more information

When enquiring about booking a study tour we will need to know the number of guests, nationality, arrival and departure dates and desired location of the tour.

If you are a host wishing to host students from a study tour should complete a Host Application form (add link).

Your students and guests will benefit from HSN – Homestay Network’s 30+ year experience in providing services to study tours. Based on our experience, we sugest that homestay for a tour group format is best experienced by tour group members from 10 years of age through to Seniors, we have the right families for your tour group regardless of age and mix of male and female members.